Do Slimming Corsets Work?


Centuries before we started squeezing into Spanx, women were lacing up their corsets. Now they’re back and better than ever!

Whether you want to get in shape after having a baby, or you want to lose some extra holiday pounds, waist slimming corsets have been hailed as the new (celebrity favourite) way to achieve your waist goals.

Call them what you like; a Slimming Corset, a Waist Trainer, a Cincher, the question we all really want to know is does it work? And if so, how long will it take…

The Benefits of Wearing a Slimming Corset

1. Posture: By correcting posture, corsets can alleviate back pain. Wearing a slimming corset engages the abdominal muscles helping to create a stronger core inside and more toned muscles on the outside (combining corset-wearing with core exercises will enhance this further). As proper posture takes the pressure off the neck and shoulders too, so they can also reduce the intensity of headaches and migraines for regular sufferers.

2. Work: Because of the benefits for back pain noted above, waist training corsets are often used as lumbar support during work for those whose jobs involve heavy lifting, long hours standing on their feet, or sitting in front of a computer, thereby preventing possible future back injuries (not just for women!)

3. Post-Pregnancy: For centuries, women worldwide have recognised the value of supporting the abdomen after birth to help the healing process. Nowadays, it’s size and not health that is driving celebrities like Jessica Alba to adopt the customs of their ancestors. Wearing a corset post-baby works by drawing in the stretched-out muscles and providing support and stability around the core area.

4. Weight Loss: Cinchers are technically constricting underwear (a bit like an external gastric band!) so they make eating larger meals that bit more uncomfortable and this encourages the reduction of portion sizes (great news for most of us!). Not only that, corsets discourage eating fatty meals or drinking fizzy sugared drinks which could also cause discomfort, thus changing your diet for the better! The latex material they’re made from has further weight-loss properties – helping to attack unwanted fat and impurities in the body through micro-massage while you wear it as well as the benefits of perspiration on after retention during long periods of wear or during exercise.

5. Figure Change: Corsets can change a wearer’s figure instantly (just by putting it on) and semi-permanently through changes in muscle tone, muscle memory and fat spread. Keep wearing it, and keep getting all of the benefits – simple!

How Quickly will you see Results from Waist Training? Why not take our #TwoWeekCinchChallenge

The truth is that the answer differs for each individual, dependent on their own goals, their unique body shape and genetic makeup as well as their dedication to using their corset. While it takes patience to see results from the corset cinching process, you can see an instant improvement in posture and shape (and therefore confidence!) by simply putting one on underneath your clothes. A waist-training corset makes for the best foundation wear beneath a special event outfit. The longer-term results of waist training are dependent on a number of factors, including your body’s current state and your genetic pre-disposition, the quality of your corset and its compatibility with your body, and the way you train, eat and drink while wearing it. Wearing a waist training corset coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise should bring you the gradual reduction of your


waist size, as seen by the impressive results of our customers so far!
The results are best described as “semi-permanent”, dependent on:

Body Fat

Some people have a naturally higher body fat percentage. They may be able to cinch down up to five inches in their waist, while someone with very low body fat may only be able to lose two or three inches.


While results are purely anecdotal, it appears to be more common for mothers to be able to increase their usage more quickly and comfortably than women who have never been pregnant before. It could be because the baby has moved the woman’s organs or it could be the relaxant in the body during pregnancy that has stretched tendons and ligaments already. Or it could simply be that mothers are already accustomed to the feeling of restriction and find corsets easier to wear.

Your Corset

A well-fitting corset is not only more effective at shaping, but it’s also much more comfortable, so you’ll be encouraged to wear it longer and more often. It is also vital to invest in a quality corset. Constantly interrupting your training because you have to replace a broken corset is a waste of both your money and your time. The body responds best to consistency (that’s why it’s called “training”!)

Your Lifestyle

Adding core resistance exercise can help you see results more quickly. Eating “clean” with small, balanced meals and avoiding foods that cause bloating will also help the overall process. Getting enough fibre in your diet will help the system stay regular, again reducing bloating and allowing the corset to be well-fitted. Keeping hydrated and replacing essential minerals is also vital to upkeep


the body’s perspiration and fat detoxifying process.

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How To Use a Waist Training Corset

waist training corset

It may look simple, but much of the questions around the latest celebrity must-have accessory involve how to actually use a waist training corset, when it is (and isn’t) safe to wear a slimming corset and of course we are often asked during fittings how best to wear our very own Cinch Corset and Active Range Corsets to get the best results.

So now we’ll tell you!

How To Wear a Waist Training Corset

waist training like a celebrity

The key word to remember is “trainer” – just like when you’re working out at the gym, the idea behind a waist training corset is to train the waist through regular use, and then to maintain the shape created by the slimming corset over long periods of time.

Wearing a waist training corset coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise should bring you the gradual reduction of your waist size, as seen by the impressive results of our customer so far!

Before you begin wearing a waist training corset, check the following list of must-haves:

  • Check you don’t have a latex allergy before purchasing a Cinch waist training corset
  • Make sure you were properly measured for a safe and effective waist training corset
  • Choose the best quality waist training corset you can afford; the Cinch corset will be a valuable long-term investment!
  • Ensure your waist training corset feels comfortable but supportive and firm when you try it on (it should be tight in your core area but not affecting your breathing)
  • Follow the instructions for garment care that accompany your waist training corset

How To Use a Cinch Waist Training Corset

cinch corset like a celeb

Again, as with personal fitness, most people start a long-term program of waist training – beginning their use of their Cinch Corset at just a couple of hours per day, every day, starting on the first level of tightness in the hook fasteners.

After a week or so of regular use, you can then increase the amount of time you wear your waist training corset up to maybe 3-4 hours per day.

The aim for most people is to get to a point where it is comfortable to wear their waist training corset for 8 hours a day. And this will become easier as the waist is encouraged into shape.

In fact, many customers will report a loosening of their Cinch Corset after a few weeks – this is because the waist is training into a slimmer shape, and this is when you need to start using the additional rows of hook fastenings to get further results from your slimming corset.

When To Wear a Slimming Corset

You can choose to wear your waist training corset while working, walking, watching TV, cleaning, whatever it is that you normally do during the day or in the evening.

While wearing a waist training corset it is advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle and this will include eating more regular, but smaller meals, which will feel more comfortable with the Cinch Corset. This is yet another reason why the waist training routine works – it is a constant reminder and an encouraging factor in your daily choices.

It is also recommended to keep well hydrated while using your waist training corset as the special materials increase perspiration which also contributes to weight loss over time.

If you’re headed to the gym or doing some exercise at home, there’s no need to put the waist training corset to one side either. The Cinch slimming corsets in our new Active Range have been specifically developed in shape, material and design to enhance the core strength of a workout, improve posture, aid perspiration and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your programme.

When Not To Use a Waist Training Corset

Obviously there are times when it may not be safe for you to wear your waist training corset. Although many doctors recommend them for post-surgery recovery and indeed additional back and core support post-pregnancy, it is obviously not a good idea to wear a slimming corset while pregnant.

We would always recommend to our customers that they double-check with their GP before starting a period of wearing the waist training corset, just to be sure.

Likewise, if you feel very uncomfortable or unwell at any time wearing a waist training corset, simply remove it and seek advice from both the manufacturer and your personal health team.

The most important thing to remember is that it is a process, you are training, not immediately changing, your body shape and this takes time and patience. But as with all training, dedicated time to wearing your Cinch Corset will show you waist training results quickly, safely and discreetly.