Belly Binding Post-Baby

It’s long been the celebrity post-pregnancy trend for getting your figure back. 

And for women from culturally diverse regions across the planet, it is certainly no fad. It is standard practice for mums-to-be in Portugal, Spain and India to pack a corset in their hospital bag.

Wearing a corset after giving birth can genuinely help the body get back into shape – fact.

Jessica Alba is just one of the global mega-stars who in the past has revealed that she wore corsets after the births of daughters Honor, four, and Haven, one. 


And in our humble opinion, her body is absolutely stunning.

Gwyneth Paltrow famously sported one by Agent Provocateur after the birth of her son Moses, now seven.


Our very own product, Cinch Corsets was designed after the owners had their own babies and post-baby bodies to deal with.

And locally, one celebrity who had fantastic results after wearing her Cinch Corset for just six weeks post-baby was TV presenter, Emma Louise Johnston.

cinch corsets

Married for ten years to Jonathan Crawford (40), who owns an independent supermarket in Maghera where the couple now live, she reveals she has been battling with her weight since her daughter Lucy was born…

“I am not one of those women who do a slim, sophisticated pregnancy,” she said.

“I see celebrities and even friends who put on a couple of pounds during pregnancy and then bounce back into shape the day after giving birth.

“Sadly, that’s not me. I put on about four stone with Lucy. I don’t blossom in pregnancy, I balloon.

“I was very conscious of my weight, especially around January when everyone is starting new health regimes, and I felt like I was huge, and of course most people didn’t know I had just had a baby, so I probably just looked fat to them.”
She reveals that with running around after the three little ones and keeping busy and active and joining a spin class at the Train Station Gym in Maghera, the first three stones came off easily enough, but the last stone was stubborn until she found a secret weapon.

“I was offered the chance to try a Cinch Corset by a local company. I had seen pictures of them on Facebook and in magazines and thought it sounded like a good idea and I thought – why not give it a go!”

Emma Louise, typically, embraced the challenge head-on and started wearing her especially fitted corset for seven days a week, from nine to five.

“I instantly felt better about myself. It gave me great posture and pulled me in, so I looked better, too. Also, wearing it I became very mindful of what I was eating and I started to eat much healthier food and make better choices.

“With the corset on it would feel tighter when I was full, so I would know when to stop eating. Beforehand my brain was slow to comprehend when it was time to stop eating, as I have a huge appetite and love my food.

“Friends started commenting on how well I was looking when I was wearing the corset and I knew it made a difference to my shape.”

Six weeks on and Emma Louise is delighted with the results – she has lost three inches on her waist, the stubborn extra pounds have shifted and she is down two dress sizes to a stunning size 10 again. “I am ecstatic at the success of the corset and think it has given me an hourglass figure. I am curvy and will never be super thin, but I feel so much more confident about my body shape. It accentuates my waist and my whole body shape has changed,” she reveals.

Emma Louise .001

So, how does it work?

Quite simply, Cinch Corset’s product compresses the stomach and ‘holds it in’ to create instantly slimmer results.

The unique latex material can also help to attack unwanted fat and impurities within your body. The micro-massage created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through increased perspiration.

The strong compression fabric will help strengthen the core, working it continually, all the while improving your posture, reducing back pain and relieving pressure.

While wearing a Cinch Corset the tight compression can also encourage you to reduce food volume intake, which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.


The right kind of pressure
Fastened over the post-pregnancy tummy, these garments are clasped together with hooks and eyes and are surprisingly comfortable, as long of course if you wear the right size for your body. But why on earth stuff your wobbly tummy into super-tight clothing?

‘There are two key reasons why they may be of benefit,’ says Clive Spence-Jones, consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at The London Clinic.

‘I am frequently asked about these garments, and I’ve never said no to a patient. During pregnancy the rectus abdominus – the muscle running down the centre of the abdomen – separates, and leaves a crescent-shaped hole.

‘Over time, these muscles need to come back together again. I think these corsets help push them together a bit more quickly.’


Back to Normal
‘They may also give support to the back, help with posture and encourage the muscles to work properly,’ says Jennifer White, women’s health specialist at BMI The Sloane Hospital. But what about weight-loss?

‘There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence about this, but no clinical evidence as yet,’ says Mr Spence Jones. ‘However, the more quickly your stomach muscles go back together, the faster you will regain your figure.’ 

‘Improving posture and pulling in stomach muscles will make you look thinner,’ adds Jennifer. ‘In terms of losing fat long-term – that’s still down to exercise and diet.’

‘I can’t think of any contra-indications but check with a medical professional,’ says Mr Spence-Jones. ‘But it is likely to be very uncomfortable post-caesarean. Don’t ever feel pressurised into getting your figure back.’

On the Continent, packing a girdle into the hospital bag is standard practice, as Harriet Campina, 40, who lives in Portugal with her husband and two children, Amelia, seven, and Nico, 18 months, discovered when she gave birth to Nico in Portugal (Amelia was born in the UK).

‘I noticed a girl in the Portuguese hospital strapping a huge belt around her waist as she got dressed,’ she says. ‘I went straight out to buy one.”

‘It wasn’t that comfortable – but every day when I removed it, I could see that my stomach had gone down. The more it deflated, the further I tightened it.”

After six weeks, she was at a fancy-dress party in a size ten dress. ‘I thought it was incredible. It took me four years to go back to my original weight after having Amelia.’

Benefits of a corset post-baby…
•Provides ultimate support to the lower lumbar region, abdomen and hip area to help provide relief of lower back pain and discomfort post-pregnancy pregnancy. 
• Helps bind the stomach muscles back together quicker
• Helps improve posture
• Makes you feel more confident
• Gets rid of bloating
• Helps achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.
• Helps achieve weight loss goals quicker
• The unique latex material can also help to attack unwanted fat and impurities within your body. The micro-massage created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through increased perspiration.
• The strong compression fabric will help strengthen the core, working it continually, all the while improving your posture, reducing back pain and relieving pressure.

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Waist Training : Can you Cinch yourself slimmer?


As we flick through the pages of glossy magazines such a Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmo we look enviably at the flat stomach and ‘cinched’ in waist of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lily James and Jessica Alba…we wonder in awe, how do they achieve that hourglass shape?


Answer….a combination of a healthy diet, workouts and waist training corsets!


So what is this corset trend and what does it involve?

Waist trainers the most talked about celebrity trend that can help you look fantastic in your clothes, and if used SAFELY, can actually help you shift pounds and change your body shape.

Corsets are not a new phenomenon, women have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years to give them a a cinched in waist and correct their posture. The difference in our modern era is that our corsets are specifically designed to train your waist as well as instantly reduce your waist size. and the very best bit of all, they are super comfortable!


So how do you ensure you waist train safely?

Well…like everything, first and foremost, use your common sense…

1) Get the right size for your body – if you wear a corset that is too small for your body and it could damage your body. Consult our sizing chart and if it arrives and it is too small – return it for the right size

2) Start by wearing your waist training corset for 2 hours for the first day, three the next, and build it up to a maximum for 6-7 hours per day

3) If you have any underlying health issues, contact your doctor before using

4) If it hurts you in any way, or restricts your breathing, remove it. You are most likely wearing the wrong size for your body

5) Don’t wear it if you are pregnant – (of course!)

From the moment you slip on the corset you are reducing your waist size by up to 6 inches and the more you wear it the better the results!

Taylors get Cinched.003

As mentioned, getting the perfect fit is key so firstly check our size guide or get fitted by one of our team and then decide if you would rather have the everyday corset which is slightly more flexible or the classic corset which is so robustly built but yet remarkably comfortable when on. The latter will demonstrate greater results.

Start your routine of wearing your waist slimming corset gradually, and listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, loosen or remove the corset immediately – it should never feel too tight, sore or too restrictive. We recommend building up the wear of the corset to between 6/7 hours daily for maximum results. If you have any underlying health issues, please do check with your health physician.

The Cinch Corset has many benefits such as aiding weight loss, tightening and improving the tone of the skin on the abdomen area, reduces bloating, improving posture and back pain and minimises appetite and portion size. And the best bit….it also makes you look like you have dropped a dress size instantly, boosting confidence and inspiring a healthier lifestyle.

For permanent, long-term results the waist trainer should be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet (and drinking lots of water!) and moderate exercise.

So what’s stopping you?

Jump aboard the waist training bandwagon and say ‘yee haa’ to a cinched in waist and ‘see ya’ to a bloated belly!