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Cinch Active Corset

Waist Cincher CorsetsLights, camera, action!

Cinch Corsets is making quite an impact with lovely ladies across the UK! Have a sneak peek of what we have been up to here, and get in touch if you and your pals fancy starring in our next video! Read More

I have been trying to lose weight for six years since the birth of my first baby. I got my Cinch Corset over a month ago and loved it from the word go! I had read about the likes of Kim Kardashian wearing one, and had always wondered just how effective they really were. I was NOT disappointed. My stomach is held in instantly, i sit up straighter and the low back pain I have is reduced considerably. It has also kick-started my healthy eating regime as I see what I can look like, permanently! Today I weighed myself and have lost 4lbs in four weeks and feel much better after introducing walks 3-4 times a week. Thank you Cinch! I cannot recommend this product enough.