How to Waist Train

Waist training has become a global phenomenon. But just what exactly is involved in the process of  wearing a waist training corset? It is quite simply the reduction of your natural waist size and emphasising curves with the aid of waist trainer, waist cincher, waist training corset or boned corset – all different names for essentially the same garment that we have had specially manufactured with the utmost comfort and results in mind, the Cinch Corset – one of the world’s top-selling brands favoured by celebrities and public alike.

The idea of using an actual corset to lose weight seems old-fashioned and almost quaint, but the concept behind “waist-training” remains popular and is very much “in vogue”. Many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Lily James (that’s how she got into that fantastic Cinderella frock!) are all rumored to have used waist training corsets to slip back into their skinny jeans fast, and these fantastic products are often recommended for women who’ve just had a C-section as a way to help ease the pain during recovery and a way to help knit the abdominal muscles back together quicker than going au natural.

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Over a period of time, your body will alter as you pull in at the waist.

Whilst this is a semi-permanent effect from constant compression on the abdomen area, the more you wear your waist trainer (wear during exercise to actually boost the results), the faster the long-term results will be, which include a smaller waist and even weight loss (if you continue to eat smaller meals and move more).


Other benefits of wearing a Cinch Corset include back support, a constant reminder to eat smaller meals (we could all do with that, lets be honest), your stomach fat will be held in (boosting your confidence) and you will also see your boobs lifted while wearing the product.

You can learn how to train your waist to be shaped like an hourglass. The truth is anybody can. Waist training works. Countless before and after pictures have become live testimony for women everywhere; waist training is the way to beautiful curves. Check out our results here:

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Before you set off to jump on the waist training wagon, determine if it is for you. The easiest way to do this is to take a trial run with the Cinch Waist Training Guide.  Stick to the rules and you should start to see results in as little as seven days!

Cinch Corsets wants you to enjoy your #waisttrainingjourney. It is important to pick out the right kind of waist trainer. If you are starting out, choose the best latex waist trainer with good boning and an adjustable 3 hook-and-eye front closure. These three requirements are necessary for desired results.

Notice that every waist trainer is different. There is a variety of blends in fabrics, boning and in closures. A steel-boned waist trainer is recommended over plastic boning. The major difference between these too is durability. Steel boning is tougher than plastic; it will increase the lifespan of your waist trainer.

Your waist trainer should fit tight enough to pull your waist in on the 3rd hook closure.

It should have enough structure to not roll over the waist (this is a sign the waist shaper is too small).

Your waist trainer should not interfere with your breathing and you should not experience any pain.

The garment is going to feel uncomfortable until you get used to it. This is why you gradually build up to wearing the trainer for longer periods of time.

The shaper should close properly with no bulging.

Always break in your waist trainer for a more comfortable fit.

Measure your natural waist – often the smallest part of your waist. This is the waist measurement you need to deduct to get the right size for your needs and waist training goals.

Insert size guide

Size Guide Cinch

Once you purchase your waist training corset, you should now follow these seven day guidelines:

Day One:

After breaking in your waist trainer, wear the slimming garment for just two hours the first day. This amount of time can be adjusted according to individual needs. You can opt for 2 or 3 hours during the first 3 days.


Day Two:

Wear your waist trainer for 4 hours today. If you are a beginner, be prepared to feel constricted. Your body will become accustomed to it quickly. Don’t push yourself and listen to your body – if you feel any kind of pain or pinching, remove the waist trainer.

While wearing a Cinch Active waist trainer, try to begin an exercise program, like Pilates, Yoga or basic stretching to prepare the body for lengthier exercises. Even a power walk is fantastic and will see you lose inches fast!

Day Three:

Today waist training time limit is 6 hours. Keep doing stretches and try to incorporate 12 minutes of cardio.

At this point, you can increase your waist training to more. If you are accustomed to the waist trainer, you can choose to wear it for 8 hours. Until you get the routine of wearing your shaper, do not sleep or exercise with the garment on. The longer you can comfortably wear your waist trainer, the more dramatic the results.

Day Four:

By now you should be wearing your waist cincher for 6-8 hours a day.

The best benefit of wearing a waist trainer is how the compression affects your eating habits. You will notice when you are wearing your trainer that you are unable to eat larger meals because your stomach is constricted. This is another healthy advantage in these waist trimming products.

Day Five:

When waist training is paired with healthy eating and exercise, the results are stunning. The waist trainer is a strong tool to use for weight loss encouragement. It also will give you confidence to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Your goal today should be 6-8 hours of wear – each individual is different and you can decide when you have trained long enough. Push the cardio to 20 minutes, and eat well.

Day Six:

By now, you should feel more comfortable in your waist trainer, and noticing the waist trainer is getting loose in fit. Tighten the closure if your waist trainer is slipping. This is a good sign.

Stick to 6-8 hours today. This is the goal for wearing a Cinch waist training Corset. If you can wear it for 6-8 hours a day for at least 6 weeks, and incorporate proper eating and exercise, you are going to absolutely love what you see. The results are amazing. Check out TV personality Emma Louise Johnston’s #Cinch6WeekChallenge here:

Day seven:

You managed to complete the 7 days and you are now wearing the waist trainer for 6-8 hours a day. You are also eating less, and eating better. Ideally, you are getting accustomed to brief exercise moments and are now ready to do more intense cardio and strength training programs. If not, keep going with the little steps, any exercise is going to be beneficial to looks and health.

Keep in mind every woman’s body is different. There are many factors which determine how fast your waist will shrink. Women who have a bigger waist seem to see visible results earlier then say, a woman who has little fat or is extremely toned. Remember, you are ‘training’ your body to reshape; this can take consistency and time.

Good luck and enjoy your #CinchWaistTrainingJourney


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