Train it Baby!


Hello 2016, I had such high hopes for you, or should I say slim hopes??? We are only six weeks in and I’ve fallen off the wagon already and my hoped-for trim waist line is fast becoming a far off dream I once had!

Never fear! Cinch Corsets is here with a stunning collection of waist training corsets to help you along the way! We understand that there’s nothing wrong with a little help in the ever present quest for the perfect figure with a gorgeously curved waist. At Cinch HQ we embrace the waist, whether you’re a petite girly dreaming of fabulous curves or a larger lass wishing for wink of a waist…

Let us get you back on that wagon and help you achieve your dream of a waist using our glamorously gorgeous, beautifully designed and fabulously comfortable to wear waist training corsets.

If you haven’t got one yet, now’s your chance, we’re having a sale! Our waist training corsets start online now at just £19.99 – so there goes the excuse that you can’t afford it!

Gym bunnies, (I’m guessing there are still a few sticking to the new year’s resolution?) you should make like the Kardashian sisters and grab the Active waist training corset, it does everything that our everyday Cinch waist training Corsets do, but are specifically designed for use in the gym. Wear the high compress, Cinch Active Waist Training Corset under your gym wear to create a close fitting, perspiration promoting, workout boosting garment, all the time actually training your waist to stay that way and supporting your back in the process. Our Cinch Active Corset is down just a skinny £39.99!

For everyday wear, our Cinch Classic waist training Corset is our most popular waist cincher by far, and is best suited for everyday wear for instant results. Wear the high compress, everyday Cinch under your outfit to create a lump and bump free silhouette, whilst actually training your waist to stay that way and supporting your back in the process. Go on, get instant curves for just £59.99!

Time poor? Try our fabulous zipper waist training corsets which gets you ready for the day or night in an instant, no need to ‘waist’ your time clipping yourself in, simply zip up and off you go, these time saving beauties prices start at £19.99.

Or meet in the middle with fabulously versatile zip and clip waist training corset, a few clips and a sleek zip make this the ideal alternative! Keep your lumps and bumps under control with our fantastic quality latex steel boned under bust body shaping waist training corset that’s perfect for shaping your body whilst training it to stay that way! Only a snip at £39.99 – what’s not to love?

So there you have it – a fabulous run down of lots of reasons to stick to your New Year’s Resolurions to get you on your way to a dramatically reduced mid-section, but please ladies, let’s not be lazy – we want you to be fabulously and cinchly gorgeous all the time, whether you’ve got your cinch on or not! Here’s our top five tips to achieve maximum effect when wearing your waist training corset;

Cinch Benefits

  1. Don’t over Cinch – your waist training corset shouldn’t be uncomfortable – Even Marie Antoinette used it to create a silhouette – it should fit your body, not the body you want, so make sure you get fitted properly and choose the right size!
  2. A waist training corset is not a replacement for a healthy diet – embrace a good clean healthy diet and make it a life choice – not a fad diet! Check out some of our past blogs for some delicious waist trimming recipes.
  3. Don’t wear your waist training corset all day everyday – the idea is to build up to wearing it for approximately six hours a day – max! You’re more likely to make this a long term fixture if you get this right. Take it off and don’t allow your midsection muscles to get lazy by relying on it too much.
  4. Compliment your waist training corset with waist training exercises! Ever tried a hula hoop? Give it a go, its great fun and really focuses on trimming your waist area.
  5. Pass on the vino – or at least cut down on your alcohol intake. Don’t you know that alcohol free is the new hipster movement? It plays havoc with your hips so give your waist training corset a real chance to make a difference and reach for the water!

So there you have it, if you’ve lost the will to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, maybe a waist training corset is the boost you need to get back on that wagon and get your cinch on!

Love Cinch xx

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